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TV spot for a New York real estate developer.

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To be truly successful, cost effective and profitable, creative product must have structure – a process that serves as a lens through which all tasks are filtered. Whether guiding an organizational redesign or managing a creative project, my process has served my clients with great results. I am happy to share it here in three simple steps:


Gathering raw materials through deep research, personal interviews, phone calls, Internet reviews, and following hunches is all part of my discovery phase. I believe in digging past the obvious and drilling down to the core truths of every project I undertake. This method gives a richness – and a competitive edge – to my results.


Armed with the results of research and exploration, I allow inspiration and imagination to take over. I use every tool at my fingertips – my design sense, the web, even my musical background and training – to deliver creative products that truly stand out – and that are absorbed and remembered.


In the end, the purpose of corporate creativity is to influence decision-making - to drive people or organizations to take action. This requires accurate, refined, memorable messaging. I have been recognized for incorporating this talent in every medium, from traditional print to broadcast to online video and websites.



I traveled to Chicago, Illinois to tape myself interviewing the ComEd executive Steve Baab for the global energy company DNV GL.
I then edited our conversation into this market-facing video, combining motion graphics, stock footage, and custom music. Midwest energy provider ComEd was so pleased with the result that they asked permission to use it as part of their own communication strategy.

Mobility in Manufacturing | Video


For this relatively complex video, I video taped a client executive talking about mobility in the manufacturing industry, then edited his comments into the narrative you see here. A graphic designer (Julia Egan) created the storyboard, custom graphics and animation concepts, Flash designer Dave Woodbury translated them into Flash, and I composited the results into Adobe After Effects. The short timeframe, combined with the complex and industry-specific nature of the material, made this project difficult but very interesting.

We Are The Cloud | Video Wall Design


This little comp was part of a workflow design for creating multi-screen video walls. I was familiar with video wall technology and design, but the unique design of the client's event booth created some interesting design challenges. I came up with a way to design and test for the client's widely separated, synchronized video setup. I've included it here because I just like to watch the shapes fly across the screens!

Mobility Overview | Video


For this quick video project, I video taped a client executive in New York and comped his video together with some images and custom graphics in Adobe After Effects.

Premise Free Computing | Video


This video request came in because the speaker on the tape could not attend an important meeting. A client executive (CSC's Pete Ferron) in Dallas shot the video, I edited it into a narrative, and a Flash designer (Dave Woodbury) created the graphics in Flash. I then composited and color-corrected the pieces in After Effects.

Product Lifecycle Management | iPad App


The company Xplane has created a number of custom graphics for CSC that depict complex ideas or processes in a simple, accessible way. A CSC marketing manager asked me if we could make one of these graphics interactive somehow - could we click or zoom on parts of the image to reveal more information? I said yes, we can do that. Our process:


1) The graphic designers Fiona Hackett and Carol Rahill modified the original graphic to remove some detail.

2) I used HTML and Javascript to create the rollovers and multi-page interactivity and make it a web application, accessible from any browser.

3) The sales people really liked the result and asked if I could turn it into a native iOS app that they could use on a trade show floor, no web access required.

4) I said yes, I can do that, and I immediately started learning how to create native iOS apps. I registered as an Apple Developer and within a couple of weeks I had a native iOS version of this graphic running on an iPad.

Connected Consumer | Video


The Connected Consumer video was created from a script provided by client executives. We used a workflow for this project that I've used successfully a number of times:


1) The client gave me a voiceover script that I edited somewhat for readability.

2) A graphic designer (Julia Egan) selected stock images and created custom graphics for a storyboard in PowerPoint. She also created a rough (but very effective) animation in PowerPoint.

3) The client approved the storyboard, and I recorded the script as a voiceover.

4) A Flash designer (Dave Woodbury) translated Julia's images, graphics and PowerPoint animation into Flash.

5) I edited Dave's Flash and used the Adobe After Effects video graphics application to composite the Flash, my voiceover, and original music I wrote, into the final video.


CSC Italy's STEALTH | Video


This was another fun project. This video was originally created by a vendor in Italy in Italian, and the client wanted an English-language version that was also a little closer to their brand. So I had the script translated into English and dubbed in a new voiceover, along with new motion graphics, and re-edited the original video footage. I recorded the voiceover myself and used client employees to dub over the Italian executive interviews.

Hudson Harbor | TV Spot


The client, a New York real estate developer, provided time-lapse video footage that I edited and color corrected for broadcast. I also recorded the client's script as a voiceover and wrote the original music you hear in the spot.

Go Beyond | Video


I created this short trailer-style video as a meeting opener for the client. I combined motion graphics with custom sound effects to fulfill the client's request for "something to really get their attention." This was a lot of fun to work on, and it gave me a chance to use some of those big, booming theater sounds that I love!

Edgewater Harbor | Website


I used HTML5 and Javascript to develop the UI for this site. Created for a New York real estate developer, it is fully compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile browsers, and features site design by the award-winning New York graphic design firm Mermaid, Inc.

Click the image above to visit edgewaterharbornj.com.

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I provide an outstanding blend of creative design, production and team management - all with a passion for exceeding client expectations. My successful 20+ year track record as a creative designer and manager give me a realistic approach to the creative process, marked by a positive, collaborative attitude.


As a management consultant, I can help your creative organization to improve its operational efficiency and creative workflow, ensuring smoother communications and helping you to expand your business and improve your profitability.


As an experienced creative, I bring an extensive list of advanced skills to the table, including on-site video production with on-camera interviews; video and multimedia editing for final delivery, including motion graphics, voiceover and original music; and HTML5 and Javascript web production techniques.

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